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At Adir Capital, we are all students of value investing and of great value investors. As such, all of our strategies have one thing in common - value.

We believe in buying a dollar for fifty cents and we work tirelessly to identify such opportunities. We also believe markets are mostly efficient and adding value requires us to go off the beaten path. This road usually leads us to invest in small-caps, special situations and unloved companies. That said, if an attractive enough opportunity presents itself we will invest in a myriad of other value oriented strategies.

Being value investors we do everything in our power to avoid permanent loss of capital and therefore make sure the gap separating value from price is wide enough to withstand sizeable shocks. We don't subscribe to the idea that higher risk results in higher returns, instead we search for opportunities in which lower risk and higher returns go hand in hand.

We are a small firm and intend to stay small. This is one of our core edges over other investors - our investment universe is much greater in size. Our other core edges include our long-term and our contrarian viewpoints.